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The Travel Items tab features dehydrated foods, travel related and health items.            Well-known and lesser-known attractions to select by topic or geographical area.           Visit this site often to see the additions/changes so you can plan your vacations.  Enjoy!

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Scenic NYC ferry tour only $15 (buy now with 1 yr to use)

Discounts on tour tickets with 1 yr to redeem.

Celebrate Britain’s vote for independence.  London Car Rental offers now added so get out of London and see the countryside.  Note: Britain cities are no longer considered safe.

Redwood Log House

Travel Alert:  violence in Berkeley, San Jose & San Francisco, California; Chicago, Illinois; Portland, Oregon; France; Germany; Sweden

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Selection of Tours

Enhance you travels by learning a foreign language at low cost

health products at discount prices

Some examples to search for include:

Fossilized Dinosaur Egg

Mushroom-shaped Rock Formations

Sitting Bull’s War Bonnet

now-extinct Passenger Pigeons

Rare Autos


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